a mile...

A Mile in My Shoes
by Me

What would your life be like,
If you walked a mile in my shoes?
Could you possibly bear the weight,
Of a situation you did not choose?

As you hold your precious child
Knowing he will not eat or drink
Each day would you say “no big deal”
Or instead, what would you think?

When you hear the doctors’ answers
Would you yell, cry or be strong?
Could you handle all the pain
Of wondering what you did wrong?

Surgeries and therapies
Each procedure comes and goes
As his mother you feel so alone
While battling many foes

Everyone has an answer
And buckets full of advice
They say what comes to mind
Without ever thinking twice

Their thoughts may be rude and careless
Their words bring such despair
You try to explain to help them see
But instead you receive blank stares

With all my heart I thank the Lord
For those with empathy and compassion
God will bless you for your prayers,
For your love, your gentle reaction

No, no one can comprehend
What life is like with my son
But that’s why God gave him to me
And said that I am chosen

He knew I’d feel like a failure
And question His will for me
But still He says “Sara, Stephen is mine,
And I have set you free.”


PeeJumpty said...

Very beautifully written. :-)

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! I emailed you hopefully you will get it! :)