100 things and a video...

I know it seems like it has been forever since I last wrote on here. We have been so incredibly busy!

Believe it or not, Stephen just celebrated his 1 year birthday!!! We had an awesome party with tons of friends and family. We were hoping he would dig into his cake, and though he didn't eat any, he sure did smash it everywhere! We got some great pics...which I will share next time.

First, I want to share something I wrote for Stephen and have been working on for a few days. It's called "100 Things I Love About Stephen." I printed it and put it in his baby book for when he is older. I love him SO much, and here are 100 reasons why (though I have 1,000s)!!!

100 Things I Love About Stephen:

1. His sweet, precious smile

2. His infectious laugh

3. His great personality

4. His toes

5. His beautiful blonde-ish hair

6. His wake-up-in-the-morning smile (even when he’s sick!)

7. His determination

8. His curiosity

9. His gorgeous eyes

10. His gorgeous eyelashes (women pay money for ones like his!)

11. How cute he looks in his clothes

12. His chunky thighs

13. His little kissable lips

14. His adventurous spirit

15. How cute he looks when he crawls

16. The way he bounces constantly

17. When he dances to music

18. When he “sings” to music (esp. in the car!)

19. How happy he gets when he hears “Jesus Loves Me”

20. How he falls asleep in church during the quiet worship times

21. When he plays with his Daddy

22. His cuddles and affection

23. His slobbery “kisses”

24. His cheeks…so kissable

25. When he kicks his little legs when he’s happy

26. His mellow attitude

27. His button nose

28. How he loves Mickey Mouse

29. How he loves to “read” a book

30. How his face lights up when his Daddy comes home

31. The way he snuggles with a blankie

32. When he “talks” to his friends (toys, stuffed animals, etc)

33. When he “talks” to me and Daddy

34. The way he says “ma-ma” (he’s starting to recognize it’s me!)

35. How loving he is…he loves everyone he meets

36. How he growls when he doesn’t like something/is mad (like a bear-cub!)

37. How he laughs in a new way at different things

38. What he does when he gets a new toy

39. His puppy dog eyes when he’s sad

40. His little pout

41. His eyebrows and how he raises them and uses them to communicate!

42. How much he loves his rocking horse!

43. How excited he is when he sees a doggie or kitty

44. How quickly he learns new things

45. The way he “flirts” with girls (ALL girls, haha)

46. How he always smiles when you take his picture!

47. When he screams in happiness in the middle of a quiet place/store

48. That he loves being outside

49. That he loves watching the sun through the window

50. How proud of himself he is when he does something

51. His flexibility…he can do the splits! Haha

52. His love of fishes, the ocean, aquariums (just like Mama)!

53. That he still loves his doctor and smiles when he sees him, even though he’s been through way too much medical stuff

54. His love for drums and banging things to make noise

55. How he tries to get my attention if I’m doing something

56. Hearing him play in his crib over the monitor

57. How he lights up when he sees all of his grandparents

58. How he likes to crawl over to you and “wake you up” if you lie on the floor pretending to be asleep

59. When he plays peek-a-boo with me

60. How he looks when he peeks around a corner

61. That he looks adorable when he’s naked

62. How excited he gets at bath time

63. That he loves getting a massage

64. When he digs in my purse and throws everything out (usually at a store)

65. He thinks it’s funny when people yawn real big

66. He makes mean old peoples’ hearts melt (this has happened several times!)

67. When he plays under the covers while snuggling in bed with me and Paul

68. That he can be surrounded by a million toys and somehow become fascinated with a small fuzz on the carpet

69. When he blows spit bubbles

70. When you put him down for a nap and think he’s asleep, only to go in and find him wide awake and sitting up in bed

71. His smirk when he knows he’s up to something

72. When his hair stands straight up, or we put it in a Mohawk

73. His silky baby skin

74. His smell, especially after a bath

75. He will go any distance for a shoe…the boy LOVES to crawl after shoes!

76. When he is dreaming 

77. When he snuggles with his teddy bear Mylo and his stingray Stanley in his sleep

78. How he loves to pull the drain and let the water go out while taking a bath, haha

79. How he hates the “n” word…No (this is a new thing!)

80. How much he loves to swim in the pool

81. How much he loves to swing

82. When he picks his feet/legs up so he doesn’t have to stand (he did this at the beach because he didn’t like sand)

83. How clingy he is when he doesn’t feel good

84. His fearlessness when exploring

85. When he sucks his toes, and wants you to kiss his toes, lol

86. His fake cough, to get your attention

87. When he slumps down in his stroller and lets his legs dangle like he is chilling out

88. When he is teething and his teeth hurt, he tries to put his teethers in our mouths to make us feel better  sweet boy…

89. He thinks everyone’s noses are horns…he squeezes them and we say “honk honk” to make him laugh

90. His hugs

91. How he throws everything off the changing table when you change his diaper (including his diaper!)

92. He is not afraid of people and is a social butterfly

93. He loves to watch other children play intently

94. How funny he thinks we are when we clap and say “yay” after he does something

95. How he looks like such a big boy when he sits in a high chair in a restaurant

96. He loves to shred paper and it’s hilarious!

97. He likes typing on the keyboard and usually messes up what I’m doing (and of course I don’t care!)

98. His “prank” calls to people on my and Paul’s cell phone

99. He can un-velcro his diapers while wearing them, take them off, and throw them down, lol

100. No matter how bad things seem, he always makes everything better


Also, you can click here to see a video slideshow I put together of his 1st year (enjoy!): http://vimeo.com/28274339

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Paul said...

Sweet heart, I loved reading so many things we love about our little man... Stephen and I are soo incredibly blessed to have you in our lives!

Love you my O:-)