more prayer for Stephen...

I am still working on the next post for understanding feeding disorders/aversion, but I haven't had too much free time. For now I want to ask for prayer for Stephen. We are fighting double ear infections and it's wreaking havoc on his poor body. For the past 2 weeks he has been miserable, crying/sleeping most of the day and not sleeping much at night. We are on the 3rd round of antibiotics, with our last shot tomorrow. Basically, if we can't get rid of it, he'll end up in the hospital. We've already been asked to think about ear tubes, but DH and I are against that due to him having enough surgeries (3) already. We are asking you to intercede on Stephen's behalf that his body is healed and the infection goes away! God woke me up at 2 a.m. last night and said to read the book of Job, so I did. I'm tired but I know He's up to something. We are hoping for a breakthrough, especially in the realm of eating. Thank you for praying. Please pass this along/share!

Also, I created a button (on the left side) that you can copy and use on your blog/website, or anywhere else. Just link that button to our page and show others your praying for Stephen! Thanks.

Blessings. +


Kathryn said...

Hi Sara,
Praying for you and for Stephen. I just wanted to tell you, that Adam had tubes put in his ears in June, he had had way too many ear infections and it has been a major difference now in his health! I totally understand why you don't want Stephen to have them, but I am here if you have any questions about it since we went through it! :)

Kelly Lawson said...

Same here, Sara. Eisley had tubes put in and they worked amazing wonders. The procedure itself took about 10 minutes, and we went home half an hour later. They positively affected her total health & well-being.

However, I'm sure I would feel COMPLETELY different about the whole deal if Eisley had already had as many surgeries and procedures done as Stephen.

But like Kathryn, I'm here to answer questions should you DO decide to go that route.

Either way-- praying for Stephen! (And his parents)

janis said...

Hi Sara,
Years ago we were told Alisia needed tubes in her ears, we were at the Doc's all the time for her ear infections. We were poor college students, no money and no insurance. Had the surgery date set which was a couple weeks away and we prayed, and our friends prayed, and the church prayed, and we prayed somemore. When we went the day before for pre-op, her ears were clear and she never had another ear infection. Flip side - 3 more children came along, we had insurance and didn't pray like we should have - all 3 of them had to have tubes put in (some multiple times), keep the faith!