cabbage patch kid - 30 weeks...

Wow, I didn't realize how long it has been since I did an update! First, I've just been really busy. Second, I've also been lazy, haha. Third, I'm getting more and more pregnant by the day, and sometimes I just don't feel like sitting at a computer. And, our internet has been down the past week.

I was surprised (and kinda sad) to see 0 (zero) comments about the ultrasound pictures on the last update. That's okay...if you missed them, you can go back! Isn't my baby boy the most beautiful thing you've ever seen??! :)

I can't believe I am 30 weeks pregnant! That means there are only 10 more weeks til my due date. WOW. I am SO ready though.

Most of what is occupying my time these days (when I'm "busy") is organizing our house and getting ready for a little one to join us. It's a lot of work getting the nursery, layette, and other things ready. Even baby-proofing takes some work!

My lil pumpkin is running out of space in my womb, as he is getting bigger and bigger! There is a pint and a half of amniotic fluid in there, but that volume decreases as he gains weight. Right now, he weighs around 3 lbs., and is about the size of one of these:

He's my cabbage patch kid! :D

Baby boy's muscles and lungs are continuing to develop and mature, though if he was born right now, he'd have a very high chance of being fine with some medical support (though I don't want that to happen!). Because his bones are soaking up lots of calcium, I'm now drinking more calcium-enhanced soy milk, as well as eating lots of yogurt, cheese, and other things. I'm also still taking those pre-natals every single day. Little lovie man's head is getting bigger too, to make room for his growing brain. Finally, his eyesight continues to develop, though right now its not that keen. Even after birth, his eyes will stay closed for the majority of the time, as a newborn has only 20/400 vision!

Here's how things look on the inside right now:

I'm constantly feeling movement these days. Some days I get kicked REALLY hard! Other days it just feels like he's pushing as hard as possible against my stomach or bladder (which is real fun if I'm not close the restroom!). Then other days, he rolls from one side to another in my tummy. The first time that happened, I had my hand lying on my stomach while lying down, and he went all the way from my right side to my left. It was freaky and amazing at the same time!

So, how is Mommy doing?

I have been pretty good, although some days I don't feel as good as I wish I did. In fact, yesterday my maternity pictures were scheduled, and I felt so blah that I couldn't get out of bed to go have them done. :( I just rescheduled, so I'm praying I feel better this Saturday.

2 weeks ago, the doctor told me I hadn't gained any weight in 4 weeks. The baby was fine, but if that continues, then it could be bad. Thankfully, we figured out why this was happening. Not to gross anyone out, but he prescribed Imodium and for me to eat more calories. I had IBS before the pregnancy, though in the beginning I wasn't having any problems. I'm basically having a hard time retaining anything because of the issue. The Imodium is helping some, but it seems like everything I eat goes through me. Please pray for me and baby boy about it!

Also, I have turned into the clumsiest person ever. I trip over everything, and I drop anything I pick up. Then I have to *try* to bend over and pick it up (ha). Me bending over right now is funny.

I'm very tired these days, but I'm also restless. It is getting harder to get comfortable at night, even with 100 pillows. My belly just gets in the way, haha. I am a stomach sleeper, and I miss that alot! Thats just one of the things I'm looking forward too after pregnancy. I also miss my regular jeans, though I'm sure I won't be able to wear them right after he's born!

Finally, my baby showers are coming up! I'm very excited about these. :) I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of people, eating some yummy food, and recieving a few gifts too. There are still some things I need for the little guy, but nothing that we can't purchase if need be. Thanks in advance to anyone coming to the showers!! If you'd like to come to one, please let me know. The first is July 18th, and the second one is the first weekend in August (not sure of the date). I'm registered at Target and BabiesRUs, both which have online things too!

I hope everyone has a great week, and I hope to keep updating every week before he's born! God bless. +

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