baby update - 17 weeks...

It's that time again! I promised myself that when I got pregnant, I would track my little lovie's growth every week, even if I didn't do it in pictures of myself!

I really cannot believe how fast time is flying by. I know I say that on almost every blog I write, but it's true! I am already 17 weeks pregnant, which means I am almost halfway there!!! That blows my mind, but I am SO excited about this little one. :)

So how big is Baby Lovie right now?

Unfortunately, they just HAD to compare it to the food I despise the most. Oh well. It's still awesome to think that's how big the precious baby inside me is!

This week, baby is growing like a little weed! His or her skeleton is hardening and no longer soft, rubbery cartilage but bone! Fat is also starting to accumulate. The umbilical cord is thickening and getting stronger. Baby can also move his/her joints, and tiny sweat glands are starting to develop. Finally, sense of hearing is fully developed, and baby can hear all kinds of things going on!

How is Mommy doing?

First, my belly is getting big, and I feel huge (even though I'm not). Thankfully, I've gained about 2 more pounds, so at least I'm not losing weight or at a stand still! I'm wearing mostly all maternity clothes at this point, though some shirts I had before still work. And Baby Lovie is kicking ALL the time still. There was one day where I didn't feel much, so I kinda freaked out. But the next morning, he/she was back to practicing soccer again!

Also, I'm having some new symptoms that at first really, really scared me. I was light-headed and my heart raced all day long on Tuesday, so I called the doctor immediately. Even DH was concerned. Doc said it could be stress or dehydration, plus just the normal increase in bl*** (yuck) flowing through me and supporting a baby. After lying down with my feet propped up and drinking lots of gatorade and ice cold water, I felt much better. Today I feel pretty much normal again!

Another symptom is crazy dreams! I have always had dreams, but none like these. Sometimes I can't even remember what I dream about, but I'll wake up feeling delirious or wondering if that really happened. DH also said I'm talking in my sleep a LOT, though I had done this before.

Take last night, for example. I dreamed that these evil FBI guys, who looked too much like the guys in Men in Black, were coming to take away DH from me. They offered to replace him with another husband, lol. I was punching and kicking them in my sleep. DH said I yelled out "NO! I love him!" at about 3:00 a.m.!

Then a few nights ago, I dreamed that me and Baby Lovie were living on a farm with these weird people, while DH was off somewhere doing who-knows-what (probably with the Men in Black guys again). The people wouldn't stop singing "Farmer in the Dell" until I learned how to milk a cow. I kept squirting milk all over myself and everyone there, so they kicked me and baby out. And then we were homeless.

Crazy, right?!

Anyway, in other news, I have 2 (TWO) favors to ask of those of you who read this blog! The first one is an opinion. I'm doing something really beautiful for the baby nursery. I decided to put the verse 1 Samuel 1:27 over the crib in decorative vinyl lettering, and I'm getting someone from Etsy to do it for me. However, she sent me 12 samples, and I don't know which one to pick! So, that's where you come in. Click the link below, and let me know which one you like best! :)


Second thing I really need is prayer. DH and I were supposed to close on our new house at the end of March, but a couple things have happened to set us back. The problem is, we need to be out of our rental home ASAP, but the government is taking forever to process our VA Loan and give us a closing date. We can't even let our current landlord know when we're moving. It is frustrating beyond belief. Please pray that we close SOON!!! We are losing money big-time by staying where we are at. Thank you!

Well, that is it for an update. So glad you stopped by! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. +


Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

OK, I REALLY love the scripts. The fancier the better. LOL But that's just me, I'm flashy and loud. :D I think the last one is my favorite so far.

And of course, I'll pray. For sure.

Kinley Mae said...

I haven't been good about reading these site updates Congratulations on having the baby! ;)

Beka said...

I love the sixth one from the top!