baby update - 18 weeks...

Here we go with another baby update! I wonder if anyone is getting tired of these yet. I'm not!!! :)

First, before I go on with the baby facts and stuff, TOMORROW is the day we should find out the baby's gender!!!!! I can hardly wait! I'm so nervous they won't be able to determine boy or girl again, but I think they will. We are going to tell our families that same night, so I will make an announcement on here sometime on Friday! Stay tuned!!!

Baby Lovie is now 18 weeks along, and by all the squirming and movement I'm feeling, I imagine he or she is doing great!

Here's how big the little one is now:

My little Sweet Potato Lovie!!! I LOVE sweet potatoes, so this makes me happy. :)

This week, baby is turning into an acrobat. He or she is able to move in many different ways and do lots of things like hiccup, swallow, smile (a little), yawn, suck a thumb, and many other amazing tasks! Baby's ears are finally in his or her final position, and baby can pick up some sound. Blood vessels are now visible through baby's thin skin. A protective covering of myelin is forming around his or her nerves, a process that will continue for up to a year after baby is born. Finally, if baby is a girl, the uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and in place. If baby is a boy, his or her "boy parts" are visible now!

How is Mommy doing?

I'm feeling pretty good, though I've been a bit dizzy these days. I've also developed the absent-mindedness that comes from pregnancy brain. Some days I can't remember where I put my car keys...other days, I can't remember the lesson plans I wrote for my class!

Another new symptom is headaches. Yesterday my headache was awful, and tylenol didn't touch it. :( I'm hoping that this doesn't last long!

My heart palpitations seem to have stopped for the time being, though sometimes I feel like my heart is racing a little. But it usually stops after a few minutes if I lie down.

Sleep is becoming even more akward. I'm having crazy dreams as well as nightmares, along with night sweats. Plus, lying on my side gets uncomfortable, so I got a body pillow. It helps some, but sometimes I still wake up on my back. I'm trying to figure out how not to do that. Hmm...

In other news, we SHOULD *fingers crossed* be closing on the house on the 23rd. And, because our sellers are so awesome, they are letting us move into the house this week so we don't waste any more money on renting. Thank God!

Remember, check back on Friday for the baby gender announcement!!! Pray that the doctor is able to determine it this time. :)

Have a great week and God bless! +

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