22 things that bring me joy...

well, i intended to write a wonderfully deep theological something for my next post, but the theology part of my brain is sort of "on the fritz" after the 10-pg paper i finished up this past Saturday, plus the small papers i had to write before that, all due last week as well...

things have been a little crazy with school since we are nearing the end of the semester, and i'm still trying to get things organized somewhat at my parents house where i'm living until mid-January...thats when i head back to Wilmore, KY, to finish my degree at Asbury...wahoo!!! i actually get to graduate from seminary!

so Paul has been gone to train for over a week now...i'm doing better than expected, although the night after he left i went and sat in the closet with all his stuff and bawled like a big ole baby, while getting high off of sniffing his smell-good man clothes and all...since then, however, i've only gotten teary-eyed once, and that was when i got to see his face for the first time on our webcams! chatting online with him has been fun, and very reminiscent of the days when we first were dating, when we'd stay online literally all-night talking about everything and anything...ahhhh, i miss that

chatting with my husband online is just one little thing that brings me joy....i have a lot of those, so i thought i'd share some more with you today...feel free to do this on your blog (i'm not tagging you or anything....eh heh heemmm :) ...here goes:

1. sitting at Starbucks drinking my fave drink (white choc. mocha with soy and whip) and reading a wonderful book....good book + starbucks = pure bliss (in my book...haha...pun intended)

2. sunsets over the horizon on the beach...but i like sunsets period

3. babies...all babies

4. finding an amazing deal while shopping at a favorite store (for example, a few weekends ago, i went to the new Anthropologie in Baton Rouge and got a $178.00 chiffon and lace blouse for $39.95!!! i'm pretty good at that actually, no matter where i shop)

5. listening to a favorite CD/song while getting something accomplished...good music really motivates me and makes me happy

6. winning something really great and cheap off of e-Bay

7. getting peach roses from my husband at random times

8. dancing...i love to dance...with my husband, by myself, with friends...my fave types are hip-hop, Irish step, and belly-dance, which is great exercise believe it or not

9. watching a movie i adore on a cold night while wrapped up in a blanket...although i'd rather be doing this with my husband than by myself

10. going to an art museum on a rainy day

11. being around kids who are desperate for love, and being able to give His love to them

12. speaking Spanish to someone...anybody who can talk back to me is fine :)

13. scuba diving...i wish oxygen tanks lasted longer than 45 mins-1 hr, cause i could stay down there with the fish all day...its like being in another world alltogether

14. black gospel choirs and churches...the singers have the most amazing voices, and the energy gets me so pumped up

15. eating chocolate when i don't feel good...i always eat chocolate when i'm sick...somehow it makes me feel better...plus, it's CHOCOLATE, hello!

16. the Food Network show Iron Chef...i get so excited when it comes on...it's really the only show i watch "religiously"

17. finding or hearing or reading a new quote that blows me away...i'm a quote fanatic, and i love how words can come together so elequently

18. my cute puppy, Mr. Tumnus...his little cocker spaniel face is the most adorable thing ever

19. seeing close family again that i haven't seen in awhile...its like you were never apart

20. spending time with friends who i love being with and who love being with me...they are the best!

21. being with my husband, doing anything or nothing at all...he brings me the most joy out of anyone i know

22. being in the presence of God during worship, prayer, etc...there's just nothing like it

okay, so there's my 22 things...like i said, feel free to post them on your blog...i'm not going to tag you, so you don't have to do it...unless you really want to ;)

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Kim said...

I feel for you. The being without hubby is so hard. At least I know I get to be with mine every 10 days or so. You on the other hand are training for a much more difficult task. My prayers are with you. I could so go for a beach sunset right now and I'd give anything if my 13 yr old were a baby again -- at least then he was tolerable!!! Just kidding!!!