our first home (pictures)...

so i thought i would share with all my bloggy buddies (my new name for ya'll) a few pictures i took of my and the hubby's first home, a lovely little townhouse that we bought before we got married...the packing is going well, but exhausting as i am sure many of you are familiar with! here are the pics...enjoy!

the guest bathroom (everything a guest could want or need!):

guest bathroom again (my mom and i made this together!):

guest bedroom (dontcha just love the headboard?):

guest bedroom from another angle:

the living room (i have a thing for crosses as you can tell!):

more of the living room...the computer and reading nook:

the living room fireplace and my fave piece of furniture, the wardrobe (hand-carved in India by a Christian man!):

the french doors which lead to our back patio and the bayou (which i didn't take a pic of because it's messy out there with our stuff everywhere):

the couch again and bar area (those barstools were a gift from the hubby...didn't he do well?):

looking into the living room from the hallway:

from the dining room looking down the hallway, and the laundry room (where i spent a lot of time, haha!):

from the bar, looking into the kitchen, and into the dining room:

the stove area in the kitchen (that cross was a gift from Paul on our honeymoon to Belize):

the one side of the kitchen:

the second side of the kitchen (definitely would like a bit bigger kitchen when we get a house oneday!):

the dining room with some of my crosses and the laundry room again:

the dining room from the front door (most of the things in here came from both Paul's and my trips to Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, etc... before we even met!):

the front door from the dining room:

the hallway upstairs with our "library" (bookshelf):

the bookshelf/library again, and looking into the master bedroom:

looking down the hallway and stairs from the master bedroom:

the master bathroom:

the master bathroom again:

the master bedroom looking into the bathroom:

the master bedroom again...this is definitely my fave room in the house:

the master bedroom from another angle (and for some reason my curtains were falling down...didn't realize this til after i posted this photo!):

well, that's it!
thanks to everyone also for the encouraging comments on the last post! they blessed my heart so much <3


Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL home! I LOVE all the crosses!!!

Kim said...

What a lovely place to have started your life together. I know God has wonderful plans for your future and future home. Have fun packing all that stuff up!