home is where the heart is...

last night at church the guest speaker spoke about brokenness, and that without being broken first, God is unable to heal our hearts...and when we are so broken we can't think straight, the best place to be is on our knees, where our heart is above our head

i have to be honest...my heart is breaking as i watch the days go by more quickly, and my mind is reeling...my husband leaves in 9 days for Iraqi training, and i will see him for 5 days after that at Thanksgiving, and 3 days after that for Christmas...then on January 2nd, he leaves for Iraq, and i won't see him again for another 10 months

i can't even begin to imagine what it will be like being away from him for that long...
i really and truly am scared, but i know there is hope...that this is only 1 year out of a lifetime together, and God is going to bring so much good out of this time...i am believing and expecting God to make miracles and to bring Paul and i closer through Him

today my husband and i are beginning to pack up some of our belongings...some of it (very little actually) will go with him to Iraq, some of it will go with me to seminary in January, some of it will go with me to my parents' house where i will live until January, and most of it will go into storage to be kept safe until my husband comes home next year

to me, this is a place of holy ground...our first home...where so many of our first memories were made

...where i first learned to cook my husband's favorite meals

where i first learned that doing 2 people's laundry, instead of 1, takes up a lot more time

where i first realized that home is not necessarily a place, but a feeling of warmth and security

where i first learned that marriage is more than signing a legal document

where i first invited friends over to entertain and show hospitality towards

and where i first learned what it REALLY means to love another person unconditionally and to be loved in return

our first home will always be sacred to me, and i plan on taking pictures of everything to show our children one day...

as i fight back the tears while packing up all of our things, i am reminded that everything we have is just that...a lot of things...and those things are not what make our marriage work, or even what make a home for us...

home is where the heart is...and no matter where i am, i feel safe and secure knowing that my God is the one who holds my heart in His hands, and my husband holds the key...


Ginger said...

Lots of change a head for you but in reading your blog I know you will be just fine. God has given you such an awesome gift in your husband and him an awesome gift in you. It is nice to see Godly marriages... I do pray for what is a head for both of you and for his safety. Please tell him thank you for serving and protecting my freedom. I am praying.

Kate said...

Sara sweetie,

I am So Thankful for your family's sacrifice for our freedom.

I want you to know that I'm looking forward to sharing this special, redeeming time with you through the wonder of blogland.



Kim said...

What a beautiful post. I understand the heartache in being separated from your hubby. I pray God's comforting peace on both of you as you begin this difficult journey.

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

Oh that just made me CRY! What a beautiful post! Just remember that God would not have brought you to this place in your life for nothing. And He will never leave you to walk the road alone. You guys are in my prayers! Thank you husband for me....from someone grateful he's going over there.

I really, really enjoyed reading your blog. And I found it so neat that my dream is to one day go to Mexico to start a Christian orphanage.

Beauty From Ashes said...

love you and miss you tons!

S. said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Know that I am thinking and praying for you both as you get ready to go into a transition period of life.

Be Blessed!