water baby...

I am pretty sure I have the original water baby on my hands! Stephen is in LOVE with the pool. I'm not surprised because I am an avid fan of scuba diving and would live in a coral reef given the option!

At the Air Force Base near our home, they have a gorgeous pool as well as a 2 ft. baby pool. Stephen can touch the bottom of the baby pool while in his floatie, and he used it as a walker! He was scooting all over the pool, splashing, laughing, playing with bath toys, and having a ball. We got a membership so we can go every day. My only worries are (1) he'll decide he doesn't need his floatation device and go jump off the diving board or (2) I won't coat him enough with the 100 SPF, haha.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! :) :)

Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend everyone!


Carly said...

Aw...he looks so cute in the water! My tots love the water, too. It's one of our favorite things to do.

Hey, I was gonna tell you, there's this band you might like called Pas Neos. They style themselves "Christian Indie," sort of trying to be Postal Service, haha. You can buy it on itunes or here http://www.ihop.org/Groups/1000080529/Pas_Neos.aspx but if you go to the link, there's a free download of one of the tracks from the album.

StephieD said...

Aw he looks like he's having a BLAST!