good times, bad times...

I'm so sorry I haven't written until now! Things have been a bit crazy lately.

The past weekend we went home was a really fun time with our friends and our families. I decided to take some pictures of me and Stephen before we left. Here we are!

Stephen was feeling great the day we left and was super happy to see his Gran (my mom). Gran had a surprise for him...one of their cats had kittens! He LOVED meeting a kitty for the first time!

He also enjoyed giving both his Gran and his Nana (DH's Mom) their Mother's Day gifts! I made necklaces for both of them and we also gave them lots of pictures and a sweet card! Here are the necklaces (my Mom's is on the left, DH's Mom's is on the right):

We had a blast at the college reunion with all of our friends we had not seen in a long time. It was great just to hang out and catch up. Stephen got fussy so his Gran came to get him and watched him so Paul and I could spend more time with people. Of course I missed my little guy and felt lost without him being there! We're attached at the hip, haha.

We also discovered that Stephen now has 2 teeth!!! He has his bottom right and left front teeth. They came in a few days apart, thought they aren't all the way through yet. :)

The next day, we went to church with his Nana and got to see a lot of people who have been praying for Stephen. They bought more t-shirts and loved on Stephen. I am so thankful for people like that!

That afternoon was really good also and one of my precious friends Ellie came over with her baby girl Lilly, who is decidedly Stephen's future wife. :) She is an angel!

While were were there, Stephen got fussy again and wanted to sleep. After his nap, I went to change his diaper and get ready to feed him, and there was blood on his outfit. I pulled up his shirt to see blood all over his stomach and in his feeding tube. :( Of course, I freaked out and yelled for DH to get things in the car so we could go to the ER. His doctors told us when they put in the tube that if we ever see blood or the tube coming out, get to the ER as soon as possible.

Thankfully the ER was quick so we got back right away to the doctor. Apparently the delicate tissue around his feeding tube got cut and that was what caused the blood. As fussy as he was, I knew there was something else going on, it but we went back to my parents' house anyways. That night Stephen stayed up the entire night, sleeping no more than an hour. We were exhausted.

We packed up and went home the next morning to see his regular Ped. who did more tests and determined that he had an intestinal track virus and another feeding tube infection. He had an awful rash, diahrrea, was refluxing horribly again, and just felt miserable. :(

Thank God that he seemed to be doing better the next day! He slept a ton and by Tuesday evening was wanting to play again.

This morning we went to the GI surgeon, and he had to freeze off part of the tissue granulation surrounding the feeding tube. In 2 weeks we are going to put in a new feeding tube that has a button, called a Mic Key. It will lay flat against his skin and be alot more comfortable. I will be able to detach the actual tube on the outside so its not always hanging out down from his stomach. I think Stephen will like it a lot better too!

Thanks for everyone who prayed for us about the bleeding and making sure S was okay!

Some more good news is that I am getting ready to order more soap stuff and start making my soaps again! Also, we are going to start taking Stephen swimming at the Air Force base near our home...he LOVES the water! :)

Tomorrow I will continue with the series from my devotional A Special Gift!

Thanks for reading and for loving us. Blessings! +

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