Stephen's Story (part 5)...

Things with our little guy have gotten bad again. Right now we are in the hospital and have been here since Sunday with a baby who refuses to eat anything at all. :(

We've done test after test and everything has come back normal, and the physicians, therapists, and surgeons here are clueless as to what is going on.

Basically he is living off of IV fluids and the little tiny bits (1/2 oz, 1 oz) of formula I can get down him every so often. Amazingly he has lost hardly any weight which is a miracle itself!

However, there is an amazing Infant Feeding Program at Baylor Hospital that we are fighting for him to go to, for 4 weeks, in Dallas, TX, where they have kids who are special cases JUST like Stephen and have been able to help.

Every single doctor we have spoken to knows it is the best thing to help him, but we have to act fast. Baylor has agreed to admit him by Monday as long as we can get everything done to go by then.

We have been so scared and worried, but God is taking care of our angel and of us. The main issue at this moment for us to go to Baylor is money. We are a Christian military family whose insurance has been denied for no reason at this point, though we have a lot of higher-ups fighting for us to be able to get coverage.

Baylor needs $6,000 up front for Stephen to enter the program, and several more thousand after that for his treatment, for our stay, travel costs, etc...

If you would like to donate anything to help us, please click on the link to PayPal on the right that says DONATE! We would be BEYOND grateful for anything you can give, even $1.00.

More than that, we covet your prayers for our little boy. Stephen needs God's healing touch badly and we do believe that the feeding team at Baylor can be His hands also.

THANK YOU for praying and for loving us and supporting us at this time!!!!

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melissa said...

have yall tried the Ronald McDonald House Association? they are usually around most hospitals. when my sister was going through all of her treatment they let our whole family stay there for $5 a night or sometimes free, depending on which one we stayed at. God Bless you and your family.