a mother's heart...

(I wrote this poem several nights ago while in the hospital with Stephen...couldn't sleep and it just came out).
A Mother's HeartBy Sara F.

A mother’s heart
Is a beautiful place
Where her children dwell
Within God’s grace

Through wind and rain
And fire and cold
A mother’s heart
Will not grow old

A mother gives
Her all each day
No matter what
May come her way

Her children know
She is always there
When life gets hard
She’ll always care

She holds them close
And says ‘never fear’
While God holds her up
And wipes her tears

God created
A mother’s heart
To be like His
Right from the start

He gives her strength
When she is weak
So a mother’s heart
Grows tender and meek

He gives her mercy
When she does wrong
So a mother’s heart
Sings a heavenly song

And He gives His Love
When her heart is broken
So a mother’s heart
Remains wide open

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Christina said...

Such beautiful words. Praying for you and your precious family. Love, Christina