baby update - week 16...


Well folks, unfortunately we will not find out the baby's gender until 2 weeks from now! Believe it or not, the doctor was unsure since I'm still early!!! I'm disappointed, but the baby looks GREAT, so no worries!


I think I am a bit overdue on giving you an update on Baby Lovie! I am now 16 weeks pregnant. It's just crazy to think how fast time is going by, but I am glad about that! I really love being pregnant; however, I think baby needs to come out and see Mommy soon. :)

I also can't believe that Thursday is the day we find out boy or girl!!!! I can barely sit still, haha. But I'm now quite confused with whether it will be a boy or girl. I honestly have no clue. And I'm quite shocked by the votes. There are 18 total so far - 8 boy, 9 girl, and 1 "don't know" haha. If I could vote, I'd put "don't know" right now too. I can't believe that 8 people voted for a boy, since almost everyone I've talked to in person says girl! I guess we will find out in a few days!! Now, don't worry if you don't hear from me right away on here. I probably won't post it until Saturday because on Friday we are revealing the gender to our family only. I have the COOLEST and cutest event planned to reveal the gender. I can't WAIT to do it. ;)

So, make SURE you check back on Saturday to find out the news. Thank you for voting! If you haven't voted yet, go for it!

This week, Baby Lovie is the size of an avocado. Wow, my adorable little angel wovey-lovies is getting big!

Major changes are a'happenin inside me right now with this baby. The neatest thing is that tiny bones are forming in baby's ears, which means this precious one can now pick up my voice!! Yesterday I sang to Baby Lovie in the car ride home...he/she got to hear my "lovely" singing ability, haha. But I sang some Hillsong worship, so it was all good.
Also, eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair are starting fill in, as well as taste buds on the tongue! I keep wondering what color hair the baby will have. Mine came out black when I was born, but it fell out after a few weeks. Then I was bald, until my white-blond peach fuzz came in. And it has stayed blonde ever since! My DH had blonde hair when he was little too. I just hope Baby Lovie gets his skin color and his nose and his smile! Oh and his dimples. And lots of other stuff too.
Also (and this kinda freaks me out), baby is now pumping 25 quarts of that red stuff, that comes from the heart and is gross and begins with a "b," throughout his/her body. The circulatory system is developed! Baby's head is very erect now and his neck is able to hold it up. Also, his eyes and ears are pretty much right where they should be.
As far as how I'm doing, I am feeling GREAT!! My skin is glowing and my heart is full of love already. AND, I am definitely feeling the baby move and kick ALL the time. It is constant, no matter if I'm sitting down, standing up, or sleeping. And it is the most wonderful, welcome feeling I have ever had. I am totally addicted.
My belly is sticking out for sure. I can't tell if it's high or low. Its kinda in the middle. Sometimes it looks high, other times it looks low. But I love rubbing it when baby moves!
Finally, I am HUNGRY. I mean, I can't get enough food. My stomach always feels empty. But, I'm really trying to be a good girl. I am not eating for two. I'm eating for one and 1/4-ish, haha. No new cravings or anything. I still love ice cold Coke, caffiene free of course. And burgers!
Well, that's it for now. Be sure to check back Saturday for our big announcement on boy or girl. And if you haven't voted, you only have a few days left! I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks so much for your love and support. God bless. +

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Stacia said...

Can't wait to hear if its a boy, thats what I voted lol!
Funny how some women know and others don't. Me, I just knew with both that they were girls, don't ask me how but I did and we didn't even find out at al with my last one and I still knew!!!