another baby update...

Time for another baby update! Believe it or not, I am 12 weeks and 1 day along! Finally getting ready to say goodbye to the first trimester :)

Thankfully, it seems that all nausea and pukiness has gone away, praise the Lord! However, there are other symptoms I'm having (most of which I cannot explain in detail here) that are wreaking havoc on my body. The worst of all is indigestion after I eat, though only if I eat a LOT does this happen.

I have a very apparent baby bump now, though it is still not obvious to people that don't know I'm pregnant. It just looks like I'm extremely bloated all of the time. I am wearing some maternity clothes now, but not a ton. Alot of things I already had fit. Mainly its my pants that are super tight. But all of this is because baby is the size of a plum now!

My sweet little dumpling is growing so big! All of baby's organs have developed and for the most part are working as they will for the rest of his/her life! Baby lovie has also developed reflexes; he/she can move fingers and toes, and pretty soon baby will be able to open and close his/her eyes!! Baby's mouth is now able to make sucking movements too. :) Arms and legs are moving all over the place.

Also, baby's head and face are now looking human rather than alien-like! Eyes have moved to the front of the face and his/her ears are in the right spot. The head is still much larger than the body, but that will change within the next few weeks!

I will go to the doctor again this week but he is going to listen for the heartbeat outside of the womb, so no ultrasound this time around. But the next time after that, we should get another ultrasound! :)

DH and I are starting to plan what the nursery will look like. We have the baby furniture picked out, and my mother is going to make all of the bedding. I have chosen a pastel green and white puckered gingham cotton, with white eyelet lace to go around the bottom of the bedding!

Its going to look beautiful for boy or girl, and I will add blue or pink depending on what the baby is!

Finally, I am asking for prayer for me. Though I feel great pregnancy-wise, I've been sick on and off for a few weeks with some kind of cough/cold/congestion crud. It seems to go away for a few days, then comes back full force. I am going to talk to my OB GYN about taking a prescription medicine for this since none of the safe over-the-counter meds or home remedies are working at all. :( I am missing a lot of work because of this and really am exhausted. I would truly appreciate all the prayers I can get for God's healing hand to be with me. I'm pretty worn out from this sickness, so again, if you think about praying for me, it would mean a lot! Thank you.

I'll keep updating you as often as I can. God bless!

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leannenannette said...

I will definitely be praying that you get feeling better!

It sounds like Baby's bedding will be beautiful!