new year, new adventures...

Goodness, I am sorry it has been SO long since I've been on here; things in my life have been MORE than crazy and have been changing faster than I can keep up (but in a good way!).

Here are the main things you have missed hearing me talk about:

1. DH IS HOME!!!! (still don't have pics yet b/c i'm waiting on the "photographer" to get them to me)

2. We moved to another town 2 hours from where I was previously! We love it and our fantastic rental home. We hope to buy a home within a year or so. :)

3. I got an incredible teaching position at a reputable middle school here. I will be teaching 6th grade English/Language Arts, and I have been setting up my classroom.

4. DH is going back to school! He had to stop his degree because of being deployed, but he will be continuing now that he is home.

5. I GRADUATED FROM SEMINARY!!! This was four years in the making, folks. I didn't think it would EVER happen. I now have a Master of Arts in Christian Education. WAHOO! :D

6. After graduation in Kentucky, DH took me to Walt Disney World!!! He got a ridiculously (and I mean, ridiculous) cheap discounted package for the military. I am not exaggerating when I say cheap. Our stay each night in the resort was cheaper than a night's stay in the Motel 8 down the road from our house. Yah.

7. I'm reading a book for the first time in forever that I DON'T have to read for a class. I can't tell you what book it is though, because that is top-secret information at the moment. A few of you know. Most of you don't. I'll tell you in due time. ;)

8. We are praying for a new youth pastor to come along for the church I've been at for awhile now. Having moved, and starting to teach full-time, I can't be there like I was. So, please be praying that the right person comes for the church and for the kids. If you know of anyone in my area (for those of you who know where I live) that might possibly be interested, please contact me ASAP! Thanks. :)

So, that is just an update. I promise I will have pictures coming soon of all the big events. I'll leave you with this one for now from graduation!

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Ginger said...

Awesome blessings! Congradulations!!!