to love and be loved...

this past week, i went to Chicago to spend time with my Uncle Steve (Dad's bro), Aunt Carrie, and the kids (my cousins) Genevieve and Grayson

it was a wonderful time, and a much needed visit with them! i hadn't seen them since our wedding, and even then neither Paul or i got to spend any time with them because things were so crazy

its been a tough past few years for them, and its been a tough year for me...so this was a special time for us to love one another and be loved in return! i especially had some awesome bonding time with the kiddos

we went to a few neat places downtown...Michigan Ave., Navy Pier, etc.,

here are a few pics from the trip!

cool view from the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier!

me and the kids walking down Michigan Ave.

in some cool indoor plant place at the Navy Pier!

in front of Lake Michigan!

in front of the cool bridge...we rode a water taxi in the water!

farm people statue...it had just been built not long before that!

at my Uncle's nifty office downtown...i can't tell you what he does for a living, but he's pretty important ;)

i just flew home today, and i already miss them like crazy! but i am so glad that we were able to love on one another for a whole week :)

thank you GOD for FAMILY <3

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