back to Iraq...

well, DH is now back in Iraq after his R & R time...it was SO WONDERFUL to have him home for a little while :) we had the BEST time together, and took a week-long vacation, just the two of us, to Destin, FL, one of our favorite places to go

here are some pics from the trip:

looking down the beach from the boardwalk at our condo...it was gorgeous!

a sunset one night that we stared at for an hour

playing with a horseshoe crab at the Gulfarium (a mini-Sea World!)

he slept for about 4 hours like this :) it was so cute

the view from our condo's balcony, where we sat every morning and watched the dolphins!

the last day at the beach before we left to go home!!! the water was aqua and crystal clear the entire time!

it was SO beautiful there, and just the joy of having him home made it feel like a dream :)

i miss him so much already that it almost feels like he was never here...i am SO proud of my husband for what he is doing as a Chaplain's Assistant, but i still wish he was here

there's a new artist i found, named Kathleen Carnali (www.myspace.com/kathleencarnali), and her songs are incredible...i took my youth group kids to see her in concert right before DH came home, and we got to meet her...while we were talking, i told her that my DH was about to come home from Iraq, and she got excited and said that her husband was in the Army and deployed while they were engaged...during that time, she wrote a song called "I'll Wait," which blows me away and describes exactly how i have felt the entire time during this deployment

so here are the lyrics...the song will also play on my blog playlist now, as well:

"I'll Wait" by Kathleen Carnali

It's a dream that seems forever
A time that's growing old
It'll pass before I know it
Just keep waiting, I've been told

So I walk this path I'm given
Without you by my side
Alone, sometimes afraid
In your arms I want to cry

I wait
I wait
I wait for you

And a day is as a thousand years
A thousand years a day
And it seems like an eternity
Has passed since yesterday

So I watch the seasons changing
As each one waves goodbye
Like a sparrow in a windstorm
Trying desperately to fly

I wait
I wait
I wait for you

I am watching, I am waiting
I'm loving you the same
Are you hurting, are you breaking
Do you ever call my name

And I pray the God of Heaven
Would comfort you tonight
As He folds His arms around you
To make everything alright

I wait
I wait
I wait for you

And I'll wait, and I'll wait, and I'll wait, I'll wait for you
And I'll wait, and I'll wait, and I'll wait, I'll wait for you
Yes I'll wait, I'll wait for you, yes I'll wait

I wait
For you


The Pink Potpourri said...

fabulous picutres!!! what a beautiful place to vacation. i'm so glad you were blessed with some time to spend with your wonderful husband. short and sweet, but definitley needed, i'm sure :) praying for you as he's away again...

Kim said...

What beautiful lyrics. My hubby is away right now working and I gotta say I really do not like it. He's gone alot now on the road, but I know God's plan is not for us to be separated forever. So, right now I'm waiting.

I'm glad you got to spend some time with your hubby. I know that time was precious. Still praying for you both and I know God is going to bless this time in your lives tremendously.