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my friend Patti, the head of CMW (Christian Military Wives) organization, posted this on our website this morning, and i'd like to pass it along so all of you out there can pray!!! we know that the prayers of the righteous are powerful indeed:

As many of you know, my son and I went to Guatemala on a mission trip with our friends - Daphne and Candace.While we were down there, Candace met a sweet little girl named Veronica. Veronica won Candaces (also military wife, former military herself) heart.

We just received this information last night in an email from the founder of the organization we partnered up with. Its very sad, and very graphic...We need to pray that the criminal or criminals who did this will be found and charged. We also need to pray that those who had contact with her will be comforted knowing that Veronica is in a better place now.

Veronica, was one of our sponsored students last year. Her mother came to us for help to get a replacement for her own false leg. Everyone told us that the mother was very physically abusive to this child. That she did not feed her, there were rumors that she was selling her. She would bring men back to the room where she was living and leave them alone with the child. There was no proof. We offered to help the mother so as to be able to help the child.

We found a very loving person who wanted to sponsor Veronica. She met Veronica, she fell in love with her. Veronica was so excited to go to school. She had never been. She was 8yrs old. She went to school for two days and her mother came to the school and withdrew her.She told us that the teachers were mean to Veronica. The teachers told us that the mother had mental problems, that Veronica was a sweet girl who was really happy to be at school.

We found out that when Veronica was 2 or 3 yrs old that the mother had tied her up to the beams of the roof and beaten her badly. The court had photos of her badly bruised little body. She was taken to hospital. There was nowhere to send her so they kept at the hospital. The mother, who had been arrested, paid someone off, got out of jail and went to the hospital and took the child home.

There had been many complaints made against the mother, the court had a thick file on her. When we heard that it was rumored again that she was being prostituted by the mother, we had a social worker file papers asking the court to remove Veronica from the mother and award custody to me. There was no one else that wanted her. Veronica's father had re-married and he was scared of the mother, she was capable of coming to the house and being very violent with his new wife and family. The judge called in the mother, she denied everything, they said that it would be better to remove the child, the police had a warrant to go to her home but she was always moving around, they couldn't find her. We were very frustrated that they only gave her the warning that they would take the child from her custody. She then moved out of the area and no one could find her.

Saturday night , little Veronica was raped , sodomized and murdered at a village around Lake Atitlan, The social worker who came to tell me , said that her little body had been torn up. She was just 9yrs old, the size of little 7 yr old. She was so little. Her mother says that she was drunk, that she doesn't know what happened.

Even though, logically, I know this wasn't my fault, I still feel like I let her down.

This poor little girl had a terrible life, she was starved and beaten by the one person in the world who was supposed to love her.

Also note this remembrance we have of Veronica...On the day Candace met Veroica, Sharon (from the organization) asked Veronica if shehad eaten... Veronica had not eaten any food in 2 days. Would youbelieve that as the food was placed in front of her, little Veronica said grace and thanked God for the meal. She was starving! Yet,she thanked the Lord. May God bless her.

please pray for justice to be served in this child's case and that God would bring those who committed this crime to their knees

please pray for Candace, Veronica's sponsor, that she would have peace and know that Veronica is dancing with Jesus at this very moment

having been a missionary in Guatemala before, and hopefully long-term in the future, i know first-hand that these things happen all of the time...please, please pray that the Lord will move in the hearts of the people there!


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