I wrote this poem very late last night and thought I would share. I used to write poetry all the time, mostly in college and in seminary. Now when I get the urge or am inspired I occasionally write. Hope you like!

by Sara F.
(Dedicated to my son)

How can it be that God seems so new?
Like the very first sunbeams
After He created the Light
And the oceans found their tide.

Rays of golden warmth invade
At the smallest touch of a hand
Nothing, no nothing, can be said
When your own flesh changes you.

He smiles and my heart skips a beat
Fluttering and pounding and wondering
Pride fills up the whole space
And creates an irregular rhythm.

Looking into those eyes so blue
And I see the face of God
How can I question anything at all?
When all I need is in front of me.

Laughter fills up these rooms
And I think, almost out loud
Here is a picture of perfect Love
Drowning out fears of the unknown.

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