busy, busy, busy...

It is a rare moment these days when I get a break and have a chance to write on here, let alone do anything else that involves sitting and resting!

Thank you to everyone who has been faithful in praying for Stephen. Your prayers are felt and needed more than you could ever know.

After he started the antibiotics, he started feeling MUCH better. Believe it or not, God gave us the grace to go see DH after all. All day Friday I kept asking God, "should we go?" and I felt Him saying yes. I am so glad we did! We went to his location on Saturday and stayed til Sunday evening. It was really nice getting to introduce Stephen to a few people in the unit who have prayed for him and donated money for his medical costs!

We arrived Saturday before lunch and were starving, so we met up at Popeye's (don't ask me why, but we were both really craving fried chicken, haha). Stephen was SOOOO happy to see his Daddy!

After that we went to the family fun day. It was terribly hot and everybody went swimming. We didn't go however because the pool was too deep and there was no little kids swimming pool. Several guys decided to start a basketball game in the gym where it was cool. Stephen LOVES basketball. He laughed out loud the entire time, with big ole belly laughs. I think it was the bouncing ball and the guys' movements that were so funny to him!

Because it was so disgustingly hot that afternoon, we left a bit early and went to the local mall. We didn't buy anything because gas prices are ridiculous, but Daddy did take Stephen on a train ride around the mall!

He loved it but fell asleep on the way back.

The next day we didn't do much. We were lazy at the hotel and just rested and watched movies and stuff. I am so glad we got to all spend time together. We really needed it.

This week has been chaotic already. S started his new therapy schedule and we have already had 3 doctor appointments this week. Today we didn't have therapy as we had the 3rd doc. visit this morning. His Mic*Key button looks really good now, his stomach looks better, and his refluxing has improved now that his stomach has settled and gotten used to the new feeding tube situation, though he still gags and tries to vomit constantly.

Then yesterday we went running around trying to find DH's Father's Day gift (which is really great but I can't talk about it on here yet in case DH reads this!). :)  I am cooking him one of his favorite meals: Chilli-Lime Cilantro Chicken Wings, baked sweet potatoes, and Lemon Blueberry Pudding Cake for dessert. I'll try to post these recipes when I get a chance.

Finally, I am getting ready to re-open my soap business, RB Soap Company, again!!! All of my supplies have come in, and I plan to soap away this weekend when DH gets home. Many of you have used my soaps in the past - they are going to be even better this time. They will look like regular bars of soap, with a cross engraved into each bar. Also, every soap will contain shea butter. There will be new eco-friendly packaging, new labels, and new scents (though many of the old ones stayed). Here are the soaps I plan to offer in the beginning:

Oatmeal and Milk (with locally-produced goat's milk)
Almond and Honey
Lavender Vanilla
Grapefruit Bergamot
Eucalyptus and Tea Tree
Evergreen and Juniper
Lemon Cream Poppyseed
Patchouli and Cedarwood
Brown Sugar and Pumpkin
Bay Rum and Mandarin
Lime Coconut
Rosemary Peppermint
Tangerine Ginger Tea
Cinnamon Orange Clove
Vanilla Spearmint
Lemongrass Basil
Clary Sage and Lavandin
Angel Bottoms Baby (Lavender and Unscented, pure castile soap)
Frankincense and Myrhh (will not be available until Christmas)

Also, all profits from my soap will go directly towards Stephen's medical costs. I will sell them on Etsy: www.rbsoapcompany.etsy.com, as well as various boutiques in northeast Louisiana. They are, as before, 100% natural,/chemical-free, handmade by me through the old-fashioned cold-process method, and contain only essential oils for fragrance. If you have problem skin, dry skin, oily skin, senstive skin, or even normal skin, they are great for you!!

Thanks for reading and for continuing to pray for us.

"... although he may be broken and bruised, tossed about with fears and doubts, the child of God nevertheless in his need cries out, 'Father!' as instinctively as a child who has fallen and been hurt calls out in similar language, 'Daddy, help me!' Assurance of sonship is not reserved for the highly sanctified Christian; it is the birthright of even the weakest and most oppressed believer." ~ Sinclair Ferguson


Stacia said...

So glad to hear little man is feeling better; I woke up one night and couldn't get back to sleep and starting praying and he was one of the many people I prayed for!
Also hubby and are so excited that your making your soaps again and you know I'll be stocking up so he will have them once winter gets here' we haven't been able to find any soap that has worked for him as well as yours!!

StephieD said...

I'm going to have to try your soaps for Ben with his eczema there isn't much that seems to help. Maybe a "real" soap will!
I'm glad little man is feeling better. It was hard to tell in that 1st picture who had a bigger smile, Stephen or his Daddy!

Stacia said...

Stephy, thats why Rob uses them and they work wonders on his eczema, try the oatmeal and goats milk soap thats what Rob uses.

PeeJumpty said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear both that S. is better and that you're going to make your soaps again. In which boutiques will they be available? They were so yummy!! :-)