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So, we have begun our new therapy schedule here at home since we are no longer at Baylor. I am REALLY excited to say that last night, and a little bit today while sleeping, Stephen actually sucked on a pacifier and it did NOT fall out of his mouth!!! He has never done that, not once, since he was born. This means that his oral motor strength is improving with the therapy and from me working with him at home. I noticed he has been sucking on his tongue alot lately, and he was again last night after Daddy rocked him to sleep. I gently put the pacifier near his lips, and he sucked it in. I think he held onto it for about an hour because I just sat there and watched amazed. I couldn't even sleep I was so excited. Most moms don't get a gigantic thrill out of their baby sucking a pacifier, but I sure did! :)
Our new goal is for him to be completely G-tube free by his 2nd birthday. One thing I was told by the doctor is that once the tube comes out, it is very hard to get back in because the surgical opening begins to close and heal immediately. So, even once he starts drinking/eating everything orally, we will still have to leave the feeding tube in for a few months to make sure he no longer needs its for sure and certain.
Since I no longer have my Facebook account, the prayer group/event for Stephen on Facebook got deleted somehow. I made my hubby the Administrator of the group and revoked my membership before leaving, but the event still was deleted because I was the creator. :( This is awful since we had over 600 people in the group. However, through my husband's Facebook, we were able to re-create the event group. If you read this and want to re-join, please click here:
Pray for Baby Stephen Michael Prayer Event on Facebook
Also, we are selling t-shirts still and have a LOT more than we need! I was really hoping more people would buy one. They are $15 a piece if you pick one up, or $17 if you would like it shipped. They are a great way to help us out with medical costs. All proceeds go directly into our savings account for Stephen's medical costs. His feeding supplies, doctor's visits, therapies, and everything else really add up, and our insurance doesn't cover the total cost. :-/ If you would like one, please leave a comment here or message my husband through the group on Facebook!
Also, I am asking for you to pray for healing for Stephen's ears. They are ALWAYS driving him nuts and of course, we are constantly going to the doctor to check for infections. He always has fluid in his ears but we are hoping to avoid tubes since he has already had surgery and been under anesthesia enough. Thank you for praying!
To everyone who I left on Facebook that has continued to keep up with us, thank you. There are a million reasons I deleted my account, but it has already proven itself to be an awesome decision.
I will make sure to update here continually, and also make sure my husband updates for me on the Facebook prayer event for Stephen! For "status updates" I am using Twitter, and I am able to do that just as often as I would have on Facebook. They are in a box to the right, under Stephen's picture, so you can check them if you don't have Twitter!
Finally, you can "chat" with me or leave me a message here, to the right, in the CBox. :)

Love and blessings to our friends. +

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