registry overload...

This weekend DH is out of town again for his NG Drill weekend (which is dumb since they had it just 2 weeks ago). Anyway, being home alone is the most boring thing ever, even though it is nice to be lazy on the weekend.

So, I decided to venture into the world of baby registries.

Oh. my. word.

Let me just say, there are WAY way way too many things out there for babies. I mean really, what did people do 100 years ago when their child didn't have 2 playmats, a bouncer, a swing, an entertainer, a walker, a myriad of toys, and every type of stroller under the sun?? I don't know, but I have a feeling that not all of it is absolutely necessary.

Thankfully, I do have 3 registry checklists. That has helped. But, they're all different. One has about 50 things on it. Another has 100. The other, I can't even count! So far, I've decided to register at Target and Babies R Us.

Another problem I'm finding is that most of the stuff I like is n
ot available in store but only online. This creates problems for people who don't have internet or want to pay for shipping. Blah.

As a first time Mommy, I am already feeling registry overload. Since I've had gobs of experience with babies and children in a number of ways/settings, I do know a LOT of what I'll need. However, I don't know everything that is absolutely necessary. I also do not know how to tell what things are absolute
ly NOT necessary.

As far as clothes go, I don't plan on registering for gobs of them. So many people have already been generous enough to tell me they are giving me lots of things their child barely used or didn't use at all. Plus, babies outgrow clothes SO quickly. However, I did buy one thing from Old Navy the other day, just because it was too cute and on sale for $2.00! When I saw it, my heart lept!

Anyway, if you are a Mommy, or a soon-to-be Mommy, and you can give me some advice on this problem, I would sincerely appreciate it!

Tell me the things you haven't been able to live without (as many as you want). Also, tell me the things you didn't need or decided were not necessary. As an FYI, I am going to breastfeed exclusively, and I plan to use both cloth diapers and eco-friendly swaddlers (for those times when washing diapers would be too difficult - travel and such).

Thank you sincerely in advance for your help! I can't wait to hear the responses!!! :)


Kathryn said...

I felt the same way! I went about a month ago with two friends who knew what they were doing, and they helped a lot! Maybe if you had a friend who is a mom you could ask her to go with you. As for deciding what to put on your registry, I tried to things that were necessary. We are on a tight budget, so I registered for things I needed the most mainly, and put a few extra things on there too!. Good luck! Oh and target is a good choice I registered there too! :)

Lmpreiss said...

There are a ton of things that are not necessary. I saw on FB that a few people recommended the Diaper Genie. If you are going to use cloth diapers, this won't work for you. It wraps each diaper indivually in plastic. You would have to untangle each one to wash it. Not practical. I use the diaper Champ and I like it - it uses regular garbage bags instead of the special inserts like the Genie. However, I'm not sure how it would work for cloth. I think they have special buckets for that.

I did have a diaper changing contour pad. I liked it. I used it on furniture, and then on the floor. It was useful, but not too expensive. I agree with others, a changing table isn't necessary.

I did have a wipes warmer for a while. It was nice, but by no means necessary.

I am trying to remember what all I used. I do remember the Boppy being WONDERFUL!! It was helpful for feeding as well as for proping the baby up. I had one of the floor mats, but found my kids didn't use it much. The other things I found useful were the bottle warmers, but if you breatfeed exclusively you may not need those. Unless you pump and freeze, then it could be helpful.

I honestly can't remember too much - isn't that sad, my youngest is only 3.5 years and my oldest is 5, so it really hasn't been that long. If you have any questions on things, feel free to send me a message and ask.

Blessings to you, Paul and your bundle of joy!!


Aprille said...

I know exactly how you feel...nothing is simple like it used to be!

For me, I'm registering for a swing that has a removable bouncer (2 in 1...its made by graco) and a very simple and inexpensive walker. Other than that, I don't need all the other fluff.

I think what might be necessary for you might not be necessary for someone else and vice versa. For me, fluff stuff like wipes warmers, diaper stackers, and hmmm other things I can't think of, are not necessary.

I'm still debating on if I need/want a crib AND a pack and play...that's the big thing I'm debating right now! lol

I made the decision about babiesrus and target! :)

Barbee said...

Let's see...my cousin uses cloth diapers and she had a bag that hangs over the back of the door for the dirty ones and you just zip it up and throw it in the washer...thought that was cool.
I loved my sling to carry him in...used it a lot when he was itty bitty and to travel. Now we use a baby bjorn, which we love because it supports your back and J can use it. He loves to put LT in it and go for walks.
The boppy was great in the beginning, especially when you are trying to get the hang of things. but later I just preferred to hold him, he was closer to me that way and I really enjoyed the time with him.
We got a baby monitor that also has the temp on it, which has come in very handy, especially when we travel because we know what the temp in his room normally is and know whether to make it warmer or cooler.
Love the swing, but recommend getting one that you can also plug in, saves lots of batteries.
I know you want to breastfeed exclusively, but just a thought...I started pumping in the beginning and at two weeks we introduced a bottle and J would feed him breast milk for one of the night feedings so I could get more than 2-3 hours of sleep. It was a lifesaver for me...but I also need lots of sleep.
Get a nursing cover of some sort, the ones that have boning around the neck part allow the fabric to stand up so you can look at your baby while you nurse in public and he can see you. They are really expensive, but wouldn't be hard at all to make.
J and I did the same thing though, we quizzed all of our friends that have kids and asked what their fav things were, I got SO overwhelmed the first time we went to Babies R Us. I had to go home and breathe and then we went back a few weeks later armed with info this time. :) Let me know if you have any more questions on specific things.

Sara said...

thanks Ginger!!! :) i had never heard of the monitor with the temp. thing on it, i like that idea! also, i did register for a breast pump and my mom is going to get it for me, that way Paul can feed the baby at times (believe me, i am going to need sleep too, lol)! i found one nursing cover i like at Target online, but yah, they are SO expensive! i may get out my sewing machine (new but never used, unfortunately) and try to make one, and i'm sure my mom could help b/c she can sew anything! thanks so much for the comments on both posts :) a lot of much-needed encouragement! hope you guys are doing fantastic!! love you girl, give LT a kiss for me <3