anniversary and baby update...

To Me and DH!!!!!!

Today my amazing, adorable, wonderful, godly, kind, caring, handsome, sweet, brilliant hubby and I have been married for 2 years!!!

It really feels like only yesterday that I put on my gorgeous wedding gown and walked down the aisle toward the man God chose for me. Words cannot describe how I felt then.

Yet today, I love him even more than I ever thought possible. We've been through more in the past 2 years than a lot of people go through in a lifetime, but the way it has brought us together just proves that the Lord has a plan and He works to bring joy out of pain for those who love Him!

Paul, if you read this, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Also, yesterday was the 15-week mark for the pregnancy! Here is a picture of me after church:

I feel like my tummy is huge, but it's really not, haha. Besides, I didn't exactly have 6-pack abs and a 27-inch waist before the pregnancy. And in actuality, I've only gained about 3 pounds so far, so I should probably start adding more calories soon!

This week, baby lovie is the size of a small orange!

Our little angel is growing SO big inside me. I wish I had my own ultrasound so I could watch 24/7 the amazing changes taking place. This week, baby's legs finally grow longer than his/her arms. Though baby's eyelids are still fused shut, he/she can sense light! If I shined a flashlight on my tummy, baby would move away from the direction of the light! And though baby won't eat normally until out of the womb, tiny taste buds are forming in the mouth.

Finally, baby lovie is kicking and squirming around like crazy inside me! I didn't think I'd feel anything for awhile yet. However, I am starting to get funny little sensations in my tummy, and I am pretty sure its not gas bubbles. It's almost like a teeny-tiny muscle spasm that lasts for about 1-2 seconds. I don't know if that's really the baby or not, but I'm sure I'll be able to tell more here in the next few weeks!

Lastly, I am experiencing what the doctor calls "Round Ligament Pain." This is a common pain in the pelvic/lower back area from the stretching of the uterus. It's kind-of a dull, jabbing ache, but as my wonderful OB-GYN informs me, it is nothing to worry about. Basically, my body is trying to make room for baby, and I'm having growing pains!

Well, it is now t-minus 11 days until we find out whether our little Lovie is a boy or girl!!! At this point, I have no idea, haha. I still get the boy sensation when I think about it, but so many people have said girl that I'm starting to think they're right instead! Whichever it is, I know that it is exactly what God has chosen to give us at this time, and I am thanking Him for allowing me the priveledge of caring for one of His beautiful children!

That is it for today. I wanted to share some camping photos also, yet I have somehow lost the USB cord for the camera. Oh well. Until next time, keep voting on the right (unless you've already voted) and take care! :)


Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

Oh you look BEAUTIFUL!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We just celebrated our 18th a couple of weeks ago! (wow....that ages me....scratch that...YOU DON'T REMEMBER ANYTHING....LOL)

And I would say that is DEFINITELY baby you are feeling! Gosh I miss that. I LOVED being pregnant and feeling the baby moving around. When I got really big, the Youth dept would sit and watch my stomach HEAVE and ROLL all during church! LOL I was great entertainment for them! LOL

Enjoy this time....it's so special!

Anonymous said...

I had that same pain... It's so annoying, but Chuck was amazing at rubbing just the right spot to relive some of it. I hope Paul is able to help you! :)
I think you look adorable!
Congrats on the anniversary! :)

Kathryn said...

Congrats on your anniversary!! :)
And you look great, that baby is coming along! :)