my make-up routine...

i thought i'd do a fun post on here today!

whenever i get dressed up and go somewhere, i always have people ask me what make-up i use, where do i get it, and how does my face always look "flawless"....well, i can assure you, my face is NOT flawless, haha...i have bad blotchiness and redness most days, and there are LOTS of days i don't even wear make-up at all (which used to not be the case)...i don't want to be superficial, but i have to admit that i really love good make-up as long as i still look natural and fresh...that will probably change though once we get on the mission field :)

SO, for the first time ever in history, i am sharing with you my make-up routine, down to the smallest things! all of these things can be purchased at either Sephora or Ulta stores nationwide (or their websites, sephora.com and ulta.com), or from my soap company, RB Soap Company: www.rbsoapcompany.etsy.com

here we go...enjoy!

1. i start by washing my face, and i use only my own all-natural soap for this...i rotate soap depending on how my face is acting that day/week...Lemon Poppyseed for normal days, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree for oily days, Oatmeal and Milk for dry days

2. next, i use a great moisturizer (EVEN if my face is oily that day)...my favorite is Juice Beauty's Organic Green Apple Antioxident Moisturizer...this stuff lasts almost an entire year in one jar!

3. then, after the moisturizer, i put on over my entire face a foundation primer...this helps even out my skin tone, makes my make-up go on smoothly, and keeps my pores from getting clogged...i use PurMinerals Corrective Foundation Primer in Green (for redness)

4. next, i put concealer all around my eyes to brighten them up and get rid of any black circles...my favorite is Physician's Formula Yellow Concealer Stick (yellow counteracts the undereye circles)

5. next comes foundation...however, i do not use regular liquid foundation (although i used to, and that contributed to my breakouts)...the only thing i will use is Philosophy's The Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas Foundation...it acts like a liquid foundation/powder/concealer/sunscreen in one, is all-natural (better than Bare Minerals and the like) and is AMAZING...models use it on the runway!

5. then, just to make sure ALL oil is gone, i add a tiny bit of transluscent powder with a kabuki brush...my favorite is Clinique Blended Loose Powder in Transparency Neutral...this thing lasts me about 2 years since i use so little!

6. after that, i take a fan brush and conteur my upper cheekbones with a tiny bit of bronzer, as well as under my chin and around my jawline to hide any double-chin tendencies...my favorite bronzer is Stila Sun Bronzing Powder in Shade 1 (for lighter skin)

7. after blending in the bronzer well (so i don't look like a clown), i use a bit of blush along my cheekbones, blended well with the bronzer (don't put it on the apples of your cheeks, or you really will look like a clown!)...my all-time favorite blush EVER is Nars Blush in Orgasm...let me now just apologize for the name...i hate that is what it is called, but i don't look at the name when i put it on...its just the perfect color for anyone, and you need VERY little !

8. next, its time for eyeshadows (my favorite part!)...i use 3 different types of eyeshadow...sometimes i only use one, sometimes 2, and sometimes all 3...the first one is the base shadow, the second is my conteuring shadow (in the crease of my eyelid), and the third is the overlaying sheer shadow, which i also like to use under my eyes as a sort of eyeliner...these are the ones i use, in that order: Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Underground (much lighter than the picture shows), Nars Eyeshadow in Galapagos, and LORAC Glamrocks Shadow in Copper

9. then, i like to line my eyes with a thin line of eyeliner, and not around my entire eye (i line mine only from halfway in to the outer corner to make my eyes look bigger and wider)...my favorite liner is LORAC Shimmer Eyeliner in Paparazzi

10. next, i grab my favorite mascara and use 4-5 coats of each side for upper eyelashes, and only 1 coat of black on my bottom lashes...white first for primer and then black for color...my favorite (and this can be found at Walmart) is Maybelline Intense XXL Volume + Length in Very Black

10. last, but not least, are my lips...now just about any lipstick/gloss will work here, and your color should go with your skintone...but here are my favorites anyways: Sephora Star Lip Attitude in Intrepid Rose (#17) and Nars Lipgloss in Sunset Strip

well, that is it folks!!! i hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions about any of these, or aren't sure how to use them, just ask! thanks for reading :)


Kim said...

I love the fact that you use different products. I tend to buy from one line instead of venturing out. I rarely wear make up anymore and I used to not leave the house without it! With dark skin you can get away with it a little easier. You had a couple of items on the list that I've just gotta check out.

Kim said...

Oh P.S. I really like the photo on your blog of you and Paul. Really sweet and romantic.