1 year ago today...

i can't believe that one year ago today, around this time, i was putting on the wedding gown i'd dreamed of wearing my whole life, and i was about the marry the man of my dreams as well

today is somewhat melancholy for me...although my heart is bursting with love and joy because of the gift of marriage and the gift of Paul that God has given me, i'm also heartbroken that i cannot spend the day with him...
however, God has still blessed us in more ways than i thought...my sweet husband was given the evening off of work in Iraq by his wonderful Chaplain, and we were able to talk for several hours today online...i wasn't sure if we'd get to talk at all, since Sundays are the busiest days for a Chaplain's Assistant! so i am praising God for that

i also recieved a large package in the mail, that i brought with me to Kentucky (i came up to attend a weekend seminar) and it about killed me having to wait to open it, haha...but i sent a package to Paul also, and we got to open them together and see each other do it through Skype...we both cried a bunch, but thank God for technology!!!

this weekend has been hard for me being away from him, but thankfully i was able to stay with a wonderful friend while here...this has a made a HUGE difference in how i'm feeling, because today is HER 1 year wedding anniversary as well!!!! yes, that's right, we were married the same day, about the same time, and we are the same age...and we have a lot more in common than that...so being with her and her husband some today will help a lot :) they are so gracious to let me stay here!

in honor of our anniversary, i want to share some pictures with you all from the wedding...it was a spectacular event, and i will never forget how much i loved my DH on that day...yet now, today, i love him 100 times more, and marriage is so much better than the wedding day in my opinion...even with Paul a million miles away, i feel more loved right now than i have ever felt in my entire life by another person, and i am praising God with all my heart for sending me someone who, to me, looks just like Him

here are a few of my favorites:

big beautiful Bible at the alter that my friend Erin read from...1 John 4:7-19!!!

i had to take pictures first of course...

waiting to walk down the aisle!

about to walk down the aisle

the train of my dress and vail

my sweetheart waiting for me

all my girls waiting on me...some of them were already crying!

finally at the other end!

so happy :)

getting married!!!

you may kiss the bride!

taking communion after saying vows and kissing (first act as husband/wife)

people coming to lay hands on us...

friends and family laying hands on us...i wish more of our friends had come up who love the Lord!

Paul signing the covenant papers!

me signing!

lighting our unity candle!

going back up to be pronounced!

walking back down the aisle, so excited!!!!

taking pictures afterwards :)

love this one!

the whole crew after!

me and my honey again!

just beautiful...

love this man...

aww...special moment

one of my favorite pictures...so sweet

my absolute favorite...this is the one i wrote about a few posts back that has the rainbow at the top, but you can't see it here

another favorite...

he makes me so so happy :)

i like this one alot too, but i wish he'd have smiled more!

haha, thats my lovie...

when he first asked to court me, he said he wanted to hold my hand for a lifetime...so here is the start of that!

the reception site...it was breaktakingly beautiful

first dance with my precious husband...

yay for kisses on the dance floor :)

about to have something to eat, although we didn't consume much, haha

cutting the beautiful cake...it was one of my favorite things at the wedding/reception!

getting my garter! hehe, i love this picture, and i love my DH

my cutie pie having a blast on the dance floor with his friends...they did the "pimp" dance from the movie Hitch, haha

time for one last dance...

we were drenched with jasmine buds...they were everywhere!

getting in the car cause its time to go!!! :)


The Pink Potpourri said...

happy one year anniversary!!! your pictures are amazing! you are such a gorgeous bride and your wedding was just breathtaking! hope you have a wonderful celebration, and thanks for posting all of those pictures for us to enjoy!

Kim said...

So glad you got to talk with your true love on your anniversary. Even though you couldn't physically be together, I'm so happy you got to spend time together through skype. The photos were breathtaking. What a beautiful bride. I'm sure you took his breath away. God has truly blessed you both.

Stacey said...

Love your wedding pictures Sara!! You were just lovely in that beautiful gown and looked so happy you glowed!! Happy anniversayr to you and your honey!!!