101 things...

i apologize for not posting anything recently until now...things have been a bit hectic down here since returning from our cruise to Cozumel (fantastic by the way...pics are coming soon!), with the hurricane, and my husband being sent down south for hurricane duty with the Guard for the next two weeks, and me starting online classes again at Asbury...

to be honest, i've been a bit of a stressed-out wreck this week...i'm having major cabin fever, plus missing Paul like crazy and being a little mad at the whole situation, considering he's leaving in November for Iraqi training...as if that is not enough already

there's really nothing else for me to do at this point except remain in God's presence, in His love and strength and grace particularly, as much as possible...there are some days where all i want to do is lie around and cry...there are other days where i actually feel like doing something with friends or family

thankfully, i get to see him this weekend in Alexandria when i go down to stay Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...i was amazed that we were able to get a nice hotel room right next to the Guard base, considering that most rooms are already taken by the hurricane evacuees

but i keep remembering that this is just a small part of our lives together...that when he comes home, we can finally concentrate on preparing for the rest of our lives serving God in another country...of course, that will still be a few more years after that...we'd like to have a few children before we go, as well as save up enough money to be supported wherever we end up (i.e. work a regular job for awhile, which i am fine with for now...but not for the rest of my life)

and i keep my mind focused on the love that God has given Paul and i...i know it is a love that really will last a life-time...and i'm not just saying that because i love him, or because i think our relationship is better than everyone else's out there...but i can say that only because the Lord has our lives in His hands, and He is NOT letting go! even when times are hard, and things are uncertain, and we aren't sure whats going on, and we feel like life is one big chaotic crazy mess, we have the hope and peace that only Christ can bring...only His peace can surpass understanding...it is only because of Him (not me) that i can say with not an ounce of doubt in my mind that Paul and i are going to be together and happy the rest of our lives...it's not because of how much we love each other, or any other reason...its because of our Great Love, who first loved us before any of us knew what love was (1 John 4:19)

so, in honor of my Paul, who i will never give up on, no matter how far away he is from me, or how long we are apart, i've written a list of 101 things i love about him...i'm sure there is more than that (actually, i know there are more...i had to take out a few and replace them with more important ones)...they are in no particular order, except for number 1:

1. his love for the Lord and his un-ending dedication to serving Him in every area of his life
2. his constant encouragement, no matter how upset i am
3. his goofy sense of humor, which is so much like mine...we laugh at the dumbest things
4. his adorable smile
5. his beautiful hands, and the fact that it doesn't matter where we go, he always wants to hold mine
6. his sweet, sweet spirit
7. his devotion to everyone around him that he loves, esp. his family and even my family
8. his gigantic heart
9. his hard-working nature
10. his patience with everything and everyone, esp. me (i think he is the most patient man i've ever known)
11. the way he still looks at me and says i love you every day, usually more than once
12. the silly songs he makes up and sings to me at random times
13. how he takes a shower...he acts like he's an excited 10-year old little boy every time, haha
14. the way he helps me around the house, and does the things i hate to do (like washing dishes)
15. he never complains, ever, about anything and he is always content
16. the way he takes care of our finances, which i am terrible at doing
17. he has never raised his voice at me, ever...we've had a few arguements, but never have yelled or screamed at one another
18. the little love notes he writes me at random times and leaves in certain places
19. his perserverence in all situations
20. the way he plans out dates for us...he is always so focused on making sure we have a good time
21. his protection of our relationship and marriage
22. getting peach roses from him at random times still
23. his servant-like nature when i'm sick
24. the way he tries to cook dinner sometimes, and how even if it doesn't taste that good, he puts his whole heart into doing his best
25. his wonderful common sense, which i have very little of
26. his knack for fixing things
27. his ability to get things done on time, the right way
28. his compassion for those in the world who are hurting and need the Lord
29. his willingness to give up everything he owns if necessary, to be a missionary and serve God
30. the way he takes an interest in other people's lives, even if he has just met them in the check-out line at Wal-mart
31. he depends on the Lord for everything he needs
32. he makes me laugh and always brings me joy
33. going to sleep in his arms every night...it's my favorite part of the day
34. he makes the BEST chicken noodle soup, although its out of a Campbell's can
35. his excitement about our future children and their lives
36. the way he prays with me everyday
37. his longing to be in God's presence constantly, whether it be reading the Bible, worshiping while in the car, or spending time outside in His creation
38. we always have fun together
39. his adventurous heart and spirit
40. his willingness to try new things, like food, music, books, etc...
41. he loves to scuba dive, which we just discovered in Cozumel...yay!
42. how he loves animals, and how animals love him back...its really cute
43. the way he serves our country and leads soldiers to Christ as a chaplain's assistant
44. his ears...i love his little elf ears
45. his muscular arms...they are so manly, haha
46. the way he always smells good...seriously, i thought guys always smelled bad, but not this one
47. his ability to speak the truth in love
48. his humility
49. the way he is looked up to by others, especially me...i admired and respected him from the moment i met him
50. the way he still kisses me...its always so gentle and tender
51. he is 100% trustworthy
52. he is 100% faithful
53. how he will sacrifice his needs for mine
54. his self-less attitude
53. his eyelashes...and his flirty eyes, haha
54. his skin...super soft and tan...i hope our kids get it!
55. his kissable cheeks
56. my mom says he's the number 1 son-in-law in the world
57. the way he runs his fingers through my hair
58. he gives the best back massages
59. he loves to dance with me
60. he is the best "roommate" i've ever had...he really is easier to live with than any other roommate who was a girl that i had in the past
61. the look he gives me when we are in a crowded room
62. he is truly my best friend
63. he listens to me when i talk about something important, and he cares about what i say
64. he loves to talk to me too
65. he acts all mushy with me in front of his guy friends and is not ashamed of it
66. he is super cuddly, which i never get tired of
67. that he will find common ground with me in our different interests
68. he's a great friend to all of his friends
69. he is super optimistic all the time, which helps if i'm in a bad mood
70. his willingness to learn Spanish so quickly for when we are on the mission field
71. how he looks smokin' hot in his military uniform
72. the way he meets my love-language needs without me having to ask for it (i.e. my 2 top love-languages are words of affirmation and physical touch)
73. how he is completely supportive of me in my seminary endeavors, job endeavors, etc...
74. he loves me as Christ loved (and still loves) the Church
75. he does not "rule" over me like i am his slave as some men try to do in a "biblical" way; however, i am not afraid to submit to him because of the way he loves me
76. he makes the right decisions regarding our relationship and life together, and i trust his judgment
77. how he leaves his things on the table and on the bathroom sink, etc...i honestly don't mind, because i like it there...in fact, since he's been gone, i haven't touched a thing where he left it
78. the fact that he wants to renew our wedding vows when he gets home from Iraq, and that gives me something to look forward to big-time!
79. the way our lives have intertwined so much that we really have become "one" as the Bible says should happen
80. i love his nose...its a cute little rabbit nose and i hope our kids get it
81. he trusts me enough to let me cut his hair military style and says i do it better than any beauty shop around
82. we balance each other out perfectly…the areas i’m weak, he’s strong, and vice versa…we are equally yoked
83. i can come to him for advice on anything and everything
84. we agree on pretty much everything when it comes to raising a family
85. he loves my decorating skills…he liked what i already had picked for our home as much as i did
86. how much he looks forward to seeing me when we’ve been apart
87. how he loved the story of my wedding rings from my great-grandmother and wanted me to have those rather than any other rings, which made me love him even more
88. he always makes me feel beautiful, no matter how i look that day
89. he’s always finding ways to impress me, even though he doesn't have to
90. how he makes me want to be a better follower of Christ, a better wife, a better future mother, and a better person
91. how he pursued me when we were dating, like the perfect gentleman, who would have chased me any distance to be with me...like Jesus goes after us
92. how he is a good steward of our possessions…he could care less about material things, but he takes care of what we do have
93. during the wedding planning, when i was a strung-out mess, he kept me calm and focused on what the day was about, as well as our marriage
94. his soothing presence
95. the way he walks…with humility, yet so much strength…very Christ-like
96. he is extremely forgiving and never hesitates when i say i’m sorry
97. he fulfills his obligations honorably and with commitment
98. he is super romantic

99. he keeps his word and has deep-set Spirit-led convictions that he doesn't back down on
100. he was the most adorable little baby boy...i could sit and stare at his baby pictures for hours
101. he longs to be the image of who Christ made him to be…and to me, he is



Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Aw, such a sweet post. I can't wait to see pics from your cruise, lady!

Weeksie50 said...

What a terrific post about your husband. You guys are to cute..

Kim said...

I lost your blog for a bit. Computer crash, but I'm back up and running again. I love the post about your husband. I can certainly understand because I too have one terrific husband. I'm glad you guys had the opportunity to spend some quality time together on the cruise.