what's going on...

there are so many people around me lately that Satan is truly having a hay-day with, that i don't really know what's going on or what to do

i'm completely discouraged and feel absolutely helpless...what do i say, how do i help, when i, too, am a messed up broken-hearted sinner who needs God's redemptive love every day just as badly

it seems at times that no matter how hard you pray for people, things don't change...i should go back and re-read my own last post about a hundred times after that statement...but when you pray so long and so hard for people, and nothing changes, its easy to feel that way

it's true...i'm human, and i can't help but wonder why...

why can't people see how much God loves them????? why won't they want what He wants, when they know His way is better (even if they won't admit it)??? i watch those i love day in and day out struggle with bitterness and hurt over relationships gone bad, or with the fact that they aren't in a relationship and the world tells them that to be single is to have a plague (contrary to God's Word)...i watch them struggle with making decisions that the Lord wants to make for them, if they would only let Him...i watch people who i thought had stopped a certain behavior years ago, pick up the same habit again, only to fall back to exactly where they were before...i watch people who say they are Christians completely defile the name of God on Saturday, then go to church on Sunday, pretending that what happened the night before, didn't...i watch them throw their lives away over money or power or worldly success or unhealthy relationships, just to try to get some sort of temporary satisfaction that never lasts, every day...i know...i did the same before i REALLY knew Christ...but i'm so tired of seeing it happen with others around me

i would give anything to be able to speak the truth into their lives, but i don't know how at times...what words can you say to comfort someone in their hurt, knowing full well at the same time that if they would only seek the Lord's will for their lives, things would be so different...i have been there...i've been just as guilty with some of the same things...i am no better of a person...but now that i've given my life over to the Lord, it's easier to see where i went wrong...and now i would do anything in my power to keep those i love from making the same mistakes and from living a life without the Lord themselves...

Lord Jesus,

Help me to believe and trust that You are in control, and that my prayers are not in vain. I KNOW You hear me Jesus, and I know that you care about every single one of the people in my life that I care about; You loved them long before I even knew what love is. But my heart cries out to you in desperation. I come to You on behalf of those around me who won't come to You themselves. Do something Lord, and prove Yourself to them; your servent Job asked You to do the same thing a long time ago. And You proved Yourself then. I ask that You would do it now. Help them to realize that life is bankrupt without You in the lead. I beseech You Father...help those that I love; I know You love them too. Keep calling them by name until they answer You. It's You their hearts really long for; it's You that they need. Do justice Lord...for You are just and You are good. Have mercy oh God...for Your mercy and love endures forever. Thank you Father for being present in the lives of those who don't know You; I know You are there, even though they can't see You or feel You or even if they don't think You exist. I'm begging You to do something Lord, because I can't change things and I can't change people; only You can, because You are the God of change, yet You never have need to change Yourself. I praise You God, even when I don't understand what's going on. Help me to trust Your Word...that You are not far from Your children, from those You love. Be present in their lives oh Lord. Thank You for all that You have done, all that You are doing, and all that You will continue to do. Forgive me where I have not shown You to others by my words, actions, thoughts, attitude, etc... Help me to be more like You in every way. I love You Lord.


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