a bit about me...

normally i wouldn't write too much information about just myself on one of my blogs, but since i was tagged by my dear friend Ashley, i decided to go ahead and do this little survey:

1. What were you doing 10 years ago? let's see...that would be the summer of 1998...i was in between my sophmore and junior year of high school...i was probably dancing all day long at dance camps and competitions for school and studio, and i was starting to think about what to do with my life, although i had no idea

2. What are some of your favorite snacks? i love dry cereal, crackers with peanut butter or cheese, fruit, or trail mix...and an occasional cookie or two :)

3. What is normally on your To-Do List? i pretty much can't survive without a list of things to do every day...i have a dry-erase board on my refridgerator and it's divided into 3 sections (a). Things To Do, (b). Places to Go, and (c). People to Call...it helps me stay organized, accomplish things during the day/week and not to forget everything

4. What are some jobs you have had? too many! i have been a babysitter and nanny, a fabric store employee, a hostess at a restaurant, a teacher, and my current jobs at EDCARE (Educational Diagnostic Clinic and Resource Essentials), which i love, and teaching Spanish in the fall to PreK-5th grade, which i also love!

5. What places have you lived? oh goodness...Kalamazoo, MI; Columbus, OH; West Monroe, LA; Sterlington, LA; Wilmore, KY; Monroe, LA

6. What are 5 random things you may not know about me? i will have to think about this one for awhile before writing...

(a). I really love Christian Apologetics (defending the existence of God, the Truth of the Bible, the evidence of Christ, etc...), and if God had not called me to work with Hispanic children, I would probably do something with this part of theology. As I'm sure you have already noticed, a lot of what I write in this blog is along those lines.

(b). I am somewhat addicted to Starbucks coffee, and my husband can't stand it! However, he is a sweetheart and will go with me at times just so I can get a drink, or so we can sit and read together.

(c). For several years, I’ve wanted to get a tattoo, but I haven’t had the gutts to bring myself to actually do it. And now, my hubby is completely opposed to the idea. I'm not sure why I want one so badly, but I would get the words Tlitha Qum (see the Scripture at the bottom of my page) in actual Aramaic, in a chocolate brown, on my right shoulder blade. I think it would be beautiful.

(d). I am a smell freak. I have hundreds of air fresheners, candles, and other smell-good agents for the home, and I use them every day. I am always afraid that my house smells bad (although I keep it pretty clean and organized for the most part)!

(e). I can talk in really funny voices...most people don’t know this about me, but I’ve only done them with my family and Paul. I can talk like a few famous people in movies with characters that have silly voices. Ask me to show you sometime if you’ve never seen.

7. What CD’s would you want with you if stranded on an island? all of my homemade mixed CD’s, my Jason Upton CD’s particularly Faith, all of my Celtic worship CD’s and Spanish worship CD’s, all of Big Al’s CD’s particularly Son of Jor-El, all of my Dave Matthew’s CD’s, U2’s CD’s, and Coldplay’s CD’s...also Cities by Anberlin, Mercury by Long-View, How to Save a Life by The Fray, Eyes Open by Snow Patrol, Hide Nothing by Further Seems Forever, and a few others!

8. What would you do if you were a billionaire? Paul and i would get a car that works much better than the ones we have now and that would last many years, buy a small but nice home, put away some money for our childrens' educations, and use the rest to serve the Lord as missionaries and to build tuition-free public schools in Central America (see my profile)

that’s all for this blog...i hope you enjoyed! stayed tuned for my next blog, called “what's in a name?”

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